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Showcasing Debbie's colorful flare and love of the Sea, Flowers, and Abstract! 

Art Styles

Large acrylic on canvas original abstract  painting. wall art home design tranquil blues and gold

Debbie Hoyt Acrylics- Abstract Art

Going with the flow and expressing through paint…Creating happy places, serenity and joy...

Debbie Uses acrylic paint to boldly express herself -An abstract idea or thought on canvas, reminding you to breathe. Her work evokes a somewhat familiar feeling, a familiar place and energy to her art fans.

Enjoy the BOLD SPLASHES of joyous color and serene escapes-perfect  for your home or office.

Hydrangea floral acrylic painting on canvas. Wall Art. Home Decor. blue flowers original art

Acrylic Wall Art : Florals & The Sea

Whimsy and Fun: Love of the Sea and flora continue to inspire my passion for creativity!  Acrylic as water color in soft seascapes and underwater curiosities - to bright, bold heavy applications  come to life on the canvas. There are organic elements -trees, flowers, water, and sky which often come together in a moment remembered or inspired.

There's immense happiness in the minutes, hours and even days spent applying the paint and coupled with the joy of you wanting to bring them into your space-it means a shared experience- and that is something worth creating for!

Debbie Hoyt Adding leaves to her tree. Acrylic on Canvas. Original inspired art. Home Decor Wall art

Scenic Influences and More

Finding joy in color and in creation has empowered the work in this gallery. Creating a tranquil scene or a fun place to breathe in life, find hope and stay inspired are all inherent in everything Debbie creates.  

The curiosity to try new things and be unafraid of flowing in the Creative Spirit, enjoying the present, and ever hopeful of the future are Debbie's passionate pursuits.

Be inspired ! Be Curious!  Enjoy these colorful emotive creations in your own home decor or office space!


If you're in Alaska or traveling to Alaska You can find a collection of Debbie's abstract paintings at


 407 Dock St



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